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Ring DoorBell Review – Pros and Cons – The truth, was it any good?

First Model

Ring doorbell satin nickel

Ring DoorBell Review

The Ring video DoorBell is the first model of Ring, and this smart doorbell lets you answer people at your door remotely and keep watch of your front door. This doorbell is also equipped with a night vision and has a 720HD video. This model is the cheapest of Ring and provides amazing features for its price.

  • Amazon Alexa Support
  • Easy Setup
  • Good Price


  • Low Battery Life
  • Week Camera
  • Poor Motion Sensor

Ring DoorBell vs. Ring Elite vs. Ring Pro vs. Ring 2

You may be wondering how the Ring DoorBell compares to other high-end & Recent Ring DoorBell models, we’ve got a quick comparison of the DoorBell vs. DoorBell 2 vs. Pro vs. Elite

Ring doorbell satin nickel

Ring DoorBell

Specification Ring DoorBell
HD 720P
Wireless or hardwired
Field of View
180-degrees field of view
Custom Motion zones
Ring doorbell satin nickel

Ring DoorBell 2

Specification Ring DoorBell 2
HD 1080P
Wireless or hardwired
Field of View
160-degrees field of view
Custom Motion zones
Ring Pro

Ring DoorBell Pro

Specification Ring DoorBell Pro
HD 1080P
Hardwired - Installation Different
Field of View
160-degrees field of view
Custom Motion zones
Ring DoorBell Elite

Ring DoorBell Elite

Specification Ring DoorBell Elite
HD 1080P
Hardwired - powered by Ethernet
Field of View
160-degrees field of view
Custom Motion zones

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Ring DoorBell Design

The design of the first model of Ring is not the most attractive compared to its sibling, but is still more modern than a normal ring. You will also have the choice between 2 interchangeable colors that you will receive in your package

Faceplates include:

  1. Satin Nickel – It is similar in appearance to brushed stainless steel or brushed aluminum
  2. Venetian Color – It is a light and warm (somewhat unsaturated) pigment that is a darker shade of red

The Ring DoorBell measures 4.98 x 2.43 x 0.87 inches and is therefore bigger than some of the other models. 

The top part of the doorbell contains the camera and the bottom part is a removable faceplate between Satin Nickel and Venetian color.

GENERAL OPINION – Most people prefer the look of the Ring Pro than the Ring doorbell because of its modern appearance.

Ring Doorbell : Quality Camera

The DoorBell provide a video of 720P in video with a decent quality. It was not amazing or crystal-clear, but enough to see who came on your porch, which is what matters. Of course, the quality of the first ring model is not the best, unlike the others, but it does the job of protecting your front door.

Ring DoorBell quality camera

The Ring DoorBell also provide you with night vision so you can clearly see who is at your door when the sun is sleeping.

Overall Key Point - Video quality

  • Video quality in HD 720P (1280 x 720 – is usually known as HD or “HD Ready” resolution)
  • Field of view of 180 degrees 
  • Night-Vision

NOTE – The smart door bell begins to record video as soon as the sensors detect something that goes into their field of vision or one of your predefined zones. It stops recording when the motion ceases. 

Video Quality Test

The following test was designed to determine the quality of the video on the Ring DoorBell throughout the day & night.









Video quality depends on your internet

The Ring doorbell requires a good wifi and a good internet connection to provide videos of good quality. If your connection is not strong enough for Ring you will probably experience poor quality videos and long delays between activation and notification. 

Ring pro internet
NOTE – Ring recommends at least 2Mbps for reliable videos. If your Wi-Fi network is having trouble getting to your door, you can consider getting a Wi-Fi extension. We suggest you use the Ring extension [Check Price]

How does Ring transfers your data to your phone?

First, Ring sends the video to your router from the Ethernet connection. Subsequently, the router uploads the video on the Ring cloud servers via your internet connection. Finally, your Ring app will download the videos of the Ring cloud servers on your phone. If some of these steps are slow, you will experience poor quality videos.

How Ring transfer the video your phone

The Ring DoorBell will save all your recordings to the cloud for up to six months for a fee of $3 per month or $30 per year. If you want to try out the recording without committing, Ring offers a 30-day free trial.

Ring Doorbell Sound Quality

The Ring give you the option to talk and hear through the doorbell. This let you give instruction to your visitor or simply warn intruders/curious people. The audio quality is decent and is definitely enough to understand and talk with the people in front of your house.


How Does The Ring DoorBell’s Motion Detection Work?

Ring Detection works with infrared motion sensors that are sensitive to heat. This means that anything that gives off heat will trigger the sensor. For example, cars emit a lot of heat and often trigger the sensor and send an alert. 

NOTE – Ring allows you to adjust the sensitivity to avoid getting alert from cars heat or from something else that emit a lot of heat.

Ring doorbell 2 motion detection
Ring Doorbell 2 motion detection

During our test, we found that the sensors of the first model were less accurate than the recent models. Indeed, even with the low sensitivity of the sensor, the sensor was sometime triggered by the passage of cars or trucks. In addition, Ring allows you to set motion detection areas ranging from 5 to 30 feet from your door.

Ring app motion detection setting

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Ring motion detection zone difference

Ring Doorbell Application

Having an excellent mobile app for these smart devices is very important. Ring will not disappoint you with their application. It provides an easy-to-use interface and allows you to use the same app for all your Ring devices, whether for a doorbell or a security camera.

Ring app overall

You can configure the zone motions from the app as well as your notifications Schedule so that the alert does not interrupt you at inappropriate times.

You can also give access to your devices to other members of your family. As a result, they will be able to watch the videos as well as answer the doorbells.

Ring Pro application

The app also offers you the option ‘Live View’, which allows you to see at any time what is happening around your door. To do this, you must tap on the doorbell name and click on ‘Live View’.

Setup - Installation

The installation for the Ring DoorBell & 2 is one of the easiest one compare to other model of Ring. 


  1. Charge and install the included battery.
  2. Download the Ring app on your phone to sync the doorbell with the app.
  3.  Install the battery and complete the app setup
  4. Turn off the power of your current doorbell
  5. Attach the doorbell wires
  6. Turn power on at your circuit breaker & Enjoy!

To learn more about the installation I suggest you to watch the video below from Ring

Credit : Ring

Is the Ring DoorBell a good value?

The Ring DoorBell a good value? Really it depends on what you’re looking for. If you want the absolute “best of the best”, the Ring DoorBell might not be for you but if you are looking for something decent with decent features and not to expensive, you should check the Ring DoorBell 2 or Ring DoorBell Pro.

Ring doorbell satin nickel

The Ring DoorBell has decent features and provide a decent security of your front door for its small price.The application provides an easy-to-use interface and allows you to setup your doorbell with ease.

Ring app motion detection setting

That being said, if you are looking for something with more features like custom ringtone, custom motion zones, better quality video and more. I suggest you to check the Ring DoorBell 2 or Ring DoorBell Pro or DoorBell Elite.

Ring DoorBell Specification

Specifications Ring DoorBell
Ring Doorbell Pro
4.98 x 2.43 x 0.87 inches
Wi-Fi 2.4 gHz
2 faceplates : Satin nickel, Venetian
Power options
Wireless or Hardwired
Video Resolution
Field of View
180 degrees-field of view
Live View Available
Advanced Motion Detection
No Customizable motion detection zones
30 days via Amazon, other retailers will vary
1-Year limited

Should You Buy the Ring DoorBell ?

Ring DoorBell still has good feature, good camera, good sensors to be able to do its job. Obviously there is some problem & bugs but it still capable of doing its jobs of protecting your home for a small price.

I would recommend the DoorBell if you are looking for something with decent features that will ensure you an protection of your front door for a low price.


Ring doorbell satin nickel
Customer Service
Features & Technology
Ease Of Use


The DoorBell is a decent product for its price. The quality of video and the night vision is decent compare to the new models. The  camera, sensors and features allow it to give a 70% protection of your home.


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