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Ring DoorBell Elite Review – Read before buying!

Luxury doorbell

Ring DoorBell Elite review

Ring DoorBell Elite

The Ring DoorBell Elite is the luxury model of Ring, without a doubt, one of the most advanced DoorBell ever developed. If you’ve read my review on the Ring Pro, the Ring Elite is similar; The difference? Ethernet powers the Ring Elite. In simpler terms, it means that the Elite doorbell will never lose internet connection, while other doorbells utilizing Wi-Fi, may lose connectivity. It is also a professional-grade product that offers some higher-end features. 

  • Powered directly by Ethernet
  • Customizable Motion Zones
  • Night-Vision
  • Amazon Alexa Support


  • Require Professional installation
  • No Local Storage
  • Higher Price

Ring Elite vs. Pro vs. DoorBell 2 vs. DoorBell

You may be wondering how the Ring Elite compares to other high-end Ring DoorBell models, we’ve got a quick comparison of the Elite vs Pro vs. DoorBell 2 vs. DoorBell

Ring DoorBell Elite

Ring DoorBell Elite

Specification Ring DoorBell Elite
HD 1080P
Powered by Ethernet
Field of View
160-degrees field of view
Custom Motion zones
Ring Pro

Ring DoorBell Pro

Specification Ring DoorBell Pro
HD 1080P
Field of View
160-degrees field of view
Custom Motion zones
Ring doorbell 2 satin nickel

Ring DoorBell 2

Specification Ring DoorBell 2
HD 1080P
Wireless or hardwired
Field of View
160-degrees field of view
Custom Motion zones
Ring doorbell satin nickel

Ring DoorBell

Specification Ring DoorBell
HD 720P
Wireless or hardwired
Field of View
180-degrees field of view
Custom Motion zones

Ring DoorBell Elite Design

Ring Elite has a unique design, which makes it much more elegant than a regular doorbell; however, compared to other Ring models, it lacks in terms of style.

On top of that, you can even change and customize the look of your doorbell to your liking. You can indeed choose between four different colored faceplates given and included with your purchase.

Faceplates include:

  1. Satin Nickel – It is similar in appearance to brushed stainless steel or brushed aluminum
  2. Dark Bronze – The color dark bronze is a medium-dark shade of brown
  3. Satin Black – Silk Satin Black is a flat black with a fine shimmering look
  4. Satin White – Satin White looks like silver

The Ring Elite measures 4.7 by 2.75 by 0.43 inches, and it’s one of the largest on the doorbell market.

Ring Elite measurement
NOTE – You can purchase additional faceplates that match the style of your home on Amazon [Check Price]

Ring Doorbell Elite : Quality Camera

Ring Elite offers quality video in 1080P, and you will have no problem recognizing faces, even if they have facial imperfections. Besides, the camera has a field of view of 160 degrees horizontally and 100 degrees vertically.

Ring DoorBell Pro camera quality

The Ring DoorBell Elite uses infrared LED lights to illuminate the night. The result obtained by the night vision camera is a clear grayscale image.  It’s essential to have excellent night vision since most home intrusions are done in the dark when you are not at home.

Ring Pro Doorbell - Night Quality Sample

The smart doorbell begins to record video as soon as the sensors detect something that goes into their field of vision or one of your custom zones. It stops recording when the motion ceases.

Video Quality Test

The following test was designed to determine the quality of the video on the Ring Elite throughout the day & night.









Video quality depends on your internet

Ring Elite gives you 24/7 access to your live camera to see what’s happening in front of your house. Besides, it is powered by Ethernet and therefore allows your device to stay online at all time. 

Ring pro internet

NOTE – Powered by Ethernet cable will also increase the chances of producing a better quality video than other Ring models since it gets the internet directly from the power kit.

How does Ring transfers your data to your phone?

First, Ring sends the video to your router from the Ethernet connection. Subsequently, the router uploads the video on the Ring cloud servers via your internet connection. Finally, your Ring app will download the videos of the Ring cloud servers on your phone. If some of these steps are slow, you will experience poor quality videos.

How Ring transfer the video your phone

The Ring Elite will save all your recordings to the cloud for up to six months for a fee of $3 per month or $30 per year. If you want to try out the recording without committing, Ring offers a 30-day free trial.

Ring Doorbell Elite Sound Quality

The Ring Elite gives you the option to talk and hear through the doorbell. This lets you provide instruction to your visitor or warn intruders/curious peoples. The audio quality is outstanding and is definitely better than what we expected. 

NOTE – You can also talk with your visitor through a voice assistant like Echo Dot.

How Does The Ring Elite’s Motion Detection Work?

The Ring Video Doorbell Elite & Pro has an advantage over its other Ring DoorBell: proper motion detection zones. The detection on the Ring Elite is based on actual analysis of the video signal. 

In simpler terms, it means that the doorbell takes a picture each time and compares it with the last picture to see if anything has moved.

This can be problematic initially, because its sensor notices everything that is moving, including trees, birds, bugs, cars, etc.

Custom Detection zone feature

Despite this, the Ring Elite has the custom detection zone feature, which allows you to draw custom zone for the sensors. You can then decide which zones you want to trigger notifications and recordings. This should remove the wrong alert and help you get only relevant notification.

Ring Pro sensor

Recently, Ring added the motion sensitivity because people were getting to much false alert from birds, trees, etc. This update allows the user to adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector alerts to its preference. 

 RELATEDYou can check our complete review about Ring Pro that also use custom motion detection for a better price.

Ring Doorbell Elite Application

Having an excellent mobile app for these smart devices is very important. Ring will not disappoint you with their application. It provides an easy-to-use interface and allows you to use the same app for all your Ring devices, whether for a doorbell or a security camera.

Ring app overall

You can configure the zone motions from the app as well as your notifications Schedule so that the alert does not interrupt you at inappropriate times.

You can also give access to your devices to other members of your family. As a result, they will be able to watch the videos as well as answer the doorbells.

Ring Pro application

The app also offers you the option ‘Live View’, which allows you to see at any time what is happening around your door. To do this, you must tap on the doorbell name and click on ‘Live View’.

Setup - Installation

Here is a video that explains very well how to easily install Ring DoorBell Elite

Credit : Ring

Is the Ring DoorBell Elite a good value?

In the end, is the Ring DoorBell Elite a good value? Really it all depends on what you’re looking for. If you want the absolute “best of the best”, the Ring DoorBell Elite is what you need.

It has all of the most advanced features, and it’s the only doorbell we’ve seen to date that has an advanced custom motion zones (Ring Pro also has a custom motion zone) and is directly powered by Ethernet.

That being said, it’s significantly pricier than even the DoorBell Pro. Although it’s powered by an Ethernet and produces better quality video, it is hard to say that this adds a significant amount of value to justify the higher cost.

Even the DoorBell Pro was able to ensure a 99% overall protection of my front door, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for improvement between the two models.

Ring DoorBell Elite Specification

Specifications Ring DoorBell Elite
Ring Doorbell Elite
4.7 x 2.75 x 0.43 inches
Wi-Fi 2.4 or 5 gHz
four faceplates in Satin Black, Satin Nickel, Dark Bronze, and Satin White
Power options
Hardwire - Powered by Ethernet Connection
Video Resolution
HD 1080P
Field of View
160 degrees horizontal, 100 degrees vertical
Live View Available
Advanced Motion Detection
Customizable motion detection zones
30 days via Amazon, other retailers will vary
1-Year limited

Should You Buy the Ring DoorBell Elite?

For the best-of-the-best that Ring has to offer, the Ring DoorBell Elite is a fantastic product. While it is a little bit pricey than the others, it also comes with the most advanced features on the doorbell market.

I would recommend the DoorBell Elite if you are looking for something modern with the latest features and which will provide 99% protection for your front door.


Ring DoorBell Elite review
Customer Service
Features & Technology
Ease Of Use


The DoorBell Elite is one of the most advanced doorbells ever built. It is powered by an Ethernet connection, something only available on Ring Elite, which will ensure you a better quality video. The high-quality camera, sensors, and features allow it to give 99% protection of your home, and this is why it’s one of the best on the market.


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