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Nest Hello vs. Ring DoorBell Pro Comparison – Which should you buy?

Ring Pro and Nest Hello, two big competitors, are at the top of the smart doorbell market. These two bring a lot of advanced features with their latest technology. But which one is the best? An in-depth comparison of the Nest Hello vs the Ring Pro.

Which one is the best?

Nest Hello vs Ring Doorbell Pro

Ring Pro vs. Nest Hello Review

Overall, the Ring Pro is the winner for the smart doorbell comparison. Although Nest Hello has excellent features, the Ring Pro the quality of the features of  the ease of access, and the quick installation greatly improve the protection performance and the quality of the product.

This guide will help you differentiate two high-quality doorbell — Ring Pro vs. Nest Hello. The look of each of these smart doorbell is different, but in the end, their features are quite similar.

We will break down the differences in design, features, performance, and more for each of these doorbells to help you decide which one of the high-quality doorbell is the right for you.

What’s the big difference?

Ring DoorBell Pro

Ring DoorBell Pro

Specification Ring Pro
4.5 x 1.85 x 0.8 inches
HD 1080P
Field of View
160-degrees field of view
Custom Motion zones
Nest Hello Review

Nest Hello

Specification Nest Hello
4.6 x 1.7 x 1.00 inches
1600 x 1200 pixels
Field of View
160-degrees field of view
Custom Motion zones

Ring DoorBell Pro Review

The Ring DoorBell Pro is, without a doubt, one of the most advanced doorbells of Ring. Our security test has given excellent results, offering a great view of everyone coming to your front door. 

Ring Pro vs nest Hello review


  • Modern Style compares to Nest Hello
  • Quality video in HD 1080P
  •  Customizable Motion Zones 
  •  Amazon Alexa voice command Integration


  • No local Storage, everything is stocked online (Annual fee for keeping recordings on the cloud)
  •  Pricey Device, a doorbell that cost hundreds is a lot.


Overall, the Ring Pro is a high-quality bell with top quality features. Although this model has fewer features than the Nest Hello, it still offers a better design and better functionality. Undoubtedly, It is one of the most impressive doorbells on the market at the moment.

However, there are things to consider before buying one if you have a smart home setup already.

  • Do you have more systems using google assistant? You should go with Nest Hello. (Google owns Nest)
  • Do you have more devices using Alexa? Go with the Ring. (Amazon owns Ring)

Nest Hello Review

The Nest Hello is the only model that Google Nest currently offers. It includes everything that the Ring Pro has, but also provide better quality video and facial recognition, which is unique to Nest. Nest Hello is designed to provide you the best view possible of your front door and has excellent motion tracking & HD video.

Nest Hello vs Ring pro


  • Face Recognition
  • Great motion tracking & HD Video
  • Continuous recording option
  • Resolution : 1600 x 1200 UXGA


  • No Local Storage
  • Installation a little tricky
  • The annual fee for recordings
  • Pricey device


Overall, the Nest Hello is a high-quality doorbell that offers quality features, like facial recognition. While this model is expensive, the added features it includes genuinely make this product one of the most impressive doorbells that we’ve reviewed to date

Ring Pro vs. Nest Hello - Design

At SmartFortress, we like to run our own test. We decided to compare the looks on both doorbells and come out with a winner!  By looking at the design of the two smart doorbells, we will help you choose the one that fits your needs.

Ring Pro Design

Ring DoorBell Pro offers a modern and futuristic appearance, something that all your neighbors will envy. 

On top of that, you can choose between four different colored faceplates given and included with your purchase.

Faceplates include:

  1. Satin Black – Silk Satin Black is a flat black with a fine shimmering look.
  2. Satin Nickel – It is similar in appearance to brushed stainless steel or brushed aluminum.
  3. Dark Bronze – The dark bronze color is a medium-dark shade of brown.
  4. Satin White – Satin White looks like silver.

The Ring Pro Size & dimensions

The Ring Elite measures 0,8 inches wide by 1,8 inches long and 4,5 inches tall. 

Ring Pro vs Nest Hello

GENERAL OPINION – Most people prefer the look of the Ring Pro because of its modern appearance.

Nest Hello Design

Google has done an excellent job designing its doorbell. Slimmer and thinner, the Nest Hello can easily fit into compact location. 

On the doorbell, we have a button lit by a blue ring light with the camera above it. Sadly, Nest Hello video doorbell only comes in one color.

Faceplates include:​

  1. Black and White – The only color offered by Nest.
Nest hello

The Nest Hello Size & dimensions

The Nest Hello Video Doorbell measures 4.6 x 1.7 x 1 inches and has rounded corners. 

Nest Hello measurements

NOTE – The Nest hello design look better than almost 99% of the doorbell on the market.

Overall Winner: Ring Pro

Ring Pro vs. Nest Hello - Video Quality

The Nest Hello provides a better quality video than Ring Pro, and we will help you understand why we think Nest Hello is better.

Ring Pro Video Quality

Unlike the Nest Hello, the Ring Pro offers an HD 1080P resolution video (30 FPS) with a field of view of 160-degrees horizontally and a 90-degree vertical field of view.

  • Resolution: Quality video in HD 1080P
  • Field of view: 160-degrees horizontally and a 90-degree vertical field of view.

Nest Hello Video Quality

Nest Hello video doorbell delivers a video in 1600 by 1200 pixels with a framerates of 30 FPS.  Also, the nest hello has a 160-degree viewing angle, so it covers a large field of view

  • Resolution: 1600 x 1200 pixels
  • Field of view: 160-degree viewing angle
  • Video in 30 FPS (frame per second) 

The Ring Pro offers a better resolution, and captures 2.07 million pixels. The Nest Hello captures 1.92 million pixels. More doesn’t always mean better, in this case, I find the video quality of the Nest Hello better than the Ring Pro; which is surprising considering that Ring provides a higher resolution. 

In the image below, you can see that the Nest Hello is sharper and less blurry than the Ring Pro. The Nest Hello is the WINNER for the quality camera.

Night Vision

Nest Hello Night Vision

At night, the camera uses its IR LEDs to see correctly in the dark. These cameras were powerful enough to light up my front porsche. 

  • Resolution: 1600 x 1200 pixels
  • Field of view: 160-degree viewing angle
  • Video in 30 FPS (frame per second) 
  • Details of the image were lost with night vision, but the quality was generally the same during daytime.

Ring Pro Night Vision

The Ring DoorBell Pro uses infrared LED lights to illuminate the night. This provides a clear grayscale image. 

  • Resolution: Quality video in HD 1080P
  • Field of view: 160-degrees horizontally and a 90-degree vertical field of view.
  • The Ring Pro will overexpose the brighter areas beyond the shaded area. The quality of the video becomes crap.
Nest hello night vision color
Ring Pro night vision color

NOTE – As you can see from the two pictures: the Ring uses a wider camera.

Overall, the Ring Pro delivers a better quality video in the night, which is an essential feature since most home intrusions are done in the night when everything is dark. 

Overall Winner: Ring Pro

Ring Pro vs. Nest Hello - Audio

Both Doorbell gives you the option to talk and hear through the doorbell. Allowing you to provide instruction to your visitor or warn intruders or curious people. The speaker on both doorbell is loud and clear


Additional Feature of Nest Hello

  • The app lets you disable the microphone on the camera, which turns off audio recording and streaming. Or, you can disable the audio for the record, which will still make you able to hear the sound over the Livestream.

    This feature could be convenient if you live on a loud street or if you live on a street where cars pass a lot in front of your door.


  • Nest Hello: Nest only records the audio from the person on the camera and not the other person talking from the phone. If you need the footage, later on, to verify what was said, then you are only able to hear the voice at the doorbell.
  • Ring Pro: After some tests with the Ring Pro, we found that the Ring Pro tends to pick up background noise. For example, it can be challenging to hear someone speak if your neighbor was mowing his lawn in the background at a considerable distance.

Which one is the best in terms of audio?

After some testing, we can conclude that Nest Hello has better audio than the Ring Pro. However, Nest only records the guest at the door and not the host!

You can listen for yourself the different audio from both doorbells below.


  • Ring Pro: You can even speak with your visitor through a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa
  • Nest Hello: You can also talk with your visitor through a voice assistant like Google Assistant

In the end, there is not a big difference between the audio quality of the two doorbells, but we can see that Nest Hello provides a slightly higher sound quality. 

Overall Winner: Nest Hello

How Does The Nest Hello’s Motion Detection Work?

The Nest Hello video doorbell will send you an alert by push notification to your cell phone and your email if it detects any motion or loud noise in front of your door. When someone rings at your door, the app opens on your device the live video and allows you to see and talk with the individual at the door. 

NOTE – You can set up three pre-programmed messages that will play when someone ring at your door.

Motion detection

The Nest Hello will let you set up a detection zone to avoid the doorbell to sense unnecessary parts.  However, the detection zones can’t be set in the app and can only be arranged through the web interface

Nest Hello vs Ring pro

How Does The Ring Pro’s Motion Detection Work?

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro has an advantage over its other Ring DoorBell: proper motion detection zones. The detection on the Ring Pro is based on actual analysis of the video signal. 

In simpler terms, it means that the doorbell takes a picture each time and compares it with the last picture to see if anything has moved. 

This can be problematic initially, because its sensor notices everything that is moving, including trees, birds, bugs, cars, etc. 

Custom Detection zone feature

Despite this, the Ring Pro has a featured named: custom detection zone feature. It allows you to draw a custom zone for the camera’s sensors. You can then decide which zones you want, to trigger an action such as notifications and recordings. This helps to remove false alerts and only capture the relevant motion.

Ring Pro sensor

Recently, Ring added motion sensitivity because people were getting to much false alert from birds flying, trees moving, etc. The update allows users to adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector alerts to its needs. 

 RELATEDYou can check our complete review on the Ring Pro to learn more.

Ring Pro & Nest Hello - Installation

The installation is similar for both doorbells, but the Ring Pro is a bit easier. For starters, you will need to verify if you have enough voltage since Nest and Ring are designed to replace an existing wired doorbell. You will need 16 to 24-volts of power to be able to operate the doorbell. 

NOTE – If you do not have enough volt, you can add a transformer that will provide 16 to 24-volt power. 

Nest Hello installation
Image taken from Google's site
Ring pro installation

You will also need to install the Chime Connector(Nest) or the Pro Power Kit (Ring) included in the package in your chime box inside your house. Personally, my chime box was in my living room, but yours could be in the kitchen or anywhere in the house. Usually, the Doorbell chime boxes are located in well-trafficked areas of a house.

The installation is not complicated, and for more information, you can watch the video below from Nest & from Ring.

Credit: Google Nest

Credit: Ring

Ring Pro video
Nest hello

Ring Pro & Nest Hello - Installation Opinion

I found the Ring Pro & Nest Hello easy to install if you possess basic knowledge of electricity. The installation is simple, and your doorbell will be up in a couple of minutes. 

In the end, if installing the Nest Hello & Ring Pro (or any other video doorbell) doesn’t seem like something you can do by yourself, there’s no harm in hiring a professional for this kind of stuff. Side-note: Ring offers a program to install Ring devices.

Overall Winner: I found that the Ring Pro was a bit easier and faster to install than the Nest Hello, and this is why the winner for the installation is the Ring Pro.

Subscription Fees

To get the most out of the Ring Pro and the Nest Hello, you will have to subscribe to their monthly plan or annual plan, which adds more features to the doorbell. For example,  continuous recording and intelligent alert on the Nest is only available with paid plans.

The Nest plan starts at $5 a month or $50 per year and gets you five days of recordings. 

While, Ring’s basic plan costs only $3 a month ($30 per year), and your recordings are stored for 60 days.

Ring Pro

Basic Plan
$ 3$ Monthly
  • Access videos & Live View for up to 60 days
  • Review, share and save Ring videos
  • Snapshot Capture

Nest Hello

Basic Plan
$ 5$ Monthly
  • 5 days of video history
  • Continuous Recording (24/24))
  • smart alerts

Move up to the $10 monthly plan that both doorbells offer, and Ring is offering a better deal again. It supports unlimited cameras and gives you 60 days of storage, unlike Nest, which provides you with only 10 days of storage, and each additional camera you want to add to the plan will cost an extra $5 a month.

Overall Winner: Ring Pro

Ring Pro - Application

Having an excellent mobile app for these smart devices is very important. Ring will not disappoint you with their application. It provides an easy-to-use interface and allows you to use the same app for all your Ring devices, whether for a doorbell or a security camera.

Ring app overall

You can configure the zone motions from the app as well as your notifications Schedule so that the alert does not interrupt you at inappropriate times.

You can also give access to your devices to other members of your family. As a result, they will be able to watch the videos as well as answer the doorbells.

Ring Pro application

The app also offers you the option ‘Live View’, which allows you to see at any time what is happening around your door. To do this, you must tap on the doorbell name and click on ‘Live View’.

Nest Hello Application

Having a good application is important since it makes the configuration a lot easier and you will not be disappointed with the Nest app. It delivers an easy-to-use interface, and allows you to use the same app for all your Nest devices, whether for a doorbell or thermostats.

Nest hello app

Via the app, you can view the live stream of your doorbell, communicate with the person in front of your door configuring the notification alert, face recognition, etc. It also has an attractive design.

Nest hello app

Sadly, you can’t configure the custom detection zone on the app. You will need to do it directly on their website.

NOTE – The app is easy to use, but the navigation is a more difficult than Ring’s.  I personally feel more comfortable using the Ring app.

Ring Pro & Nest Hello - Features

The Nest Hello has facial recognition and can send you a smart alert when it recognizes family members in front of your door, which is unique to Nest. Nest Hello also offer a 24/7 continuous recording, so you can watch what’s happening throughout the day. However, this takes up a considerable amount of bandwidth, and so I consider you to have unlimited bandwidth from your internet provider.

Other features included (Most of these features require a Nest Aware subscription)

  • geofencing
  • video history
  • prerecorded messages for visitors
  • customizable activity zones
  • the ability to upload clips and create time lapses online

Ring’s significant features include customizable motion zones, so that you’ll only get an alert when a person enters a specific part of the frame. This can be helpful if the doorbell is aimed at a busy street, and you don’t want to get an alert every time a car drives by. The Ring also has a Neighborhood Alert feature, where you can view incidents from other Ring users in your area. Neither feature requires you to subscribe to a plan.

Winner: Nest Hello.


In the end, the Ring Pro win this competition. Compared to the Nest Hello, it has a higher price, more features — and perhaps most importantly — better video quality. However, Nest could improve its cloud-storage plans, which are miserly compared to Ring’s. Long hail the war between the two big tech giants, Amazon and Google. With more competition, the consumers get better products at a more competitive price.

Rating - Nest Hello vs. Ring Pro

Video Quality
Motion Detection


Video Quality
Motion Detection


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When I found this device, I was not interested much as I had an angled narrow doorbell space and I thought this should be just a kind of video doorbell but I found Amazon sold some adapters for the narrow angled space and this was a kind of security camera. Besides, I saw that Police arrested a criminal thanks to this camera in local news. So, I decided to get this. After installation, even though there is a small monthly fee, I am 1000% happy with this doorbell security camera. When there is a motion, it alarms me before they ring a bell and recorded image and sound automatically. Plus I can answer the phone even though I am away as long as 4G is working in my phone. Awesome product, must have item.
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Any negative review of [The Ring Pro], I do not understand. It’s easy to install using existing wiring and power, it works flawlessly offering a clear hd stream, the two-way communication works well, and the motion sensing is accurate and easily adjustable. In fact, I think half the negative reviews are from those who can’t read instructions and adjust the motion sensing. The other half are from those who don’t have adequate Wi-Fi coverage at their doors. This is an amazing device! The only drawback is the fee-based monitoring, but the price is reasonable. Buy this!

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