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How to Prevent Break-ins in Apartment?

How to Prevent Break-ins in Apartment

Nowadays, Break-ins or burglaries are the most adversarial and non-confrontational crimes. Often such crimes leave the victim family in distress and tension. So, here in this article, we will discuss all the security products one can use to prevent break-ins in their apartment.

  • First of all, before getting to the products to prevent the break-ins, one needs to understand who commits such crimes and when.
  • Mostly, the break-ins occur during the daytime when everyone remains away from the house for work, and sometimes at night time when there seems to be no one in the house.
  • The people who commit this crime search for the small things which are expensive and can be converted to cash easily like jewelry, laptops, watches, and other valuable items.

How do the burglars get into the houses?

Most of the burglars get into the apartments via the window or the open doors. And, if locked, they use tools like screwdrivers, hammers, etc. to open them.

Although, the break-ins seem to be a random process but are the selected ones.

The burglars select the lonely apartment from where they get their searching items and can enter/escape easily.

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How to Prevent Break-ins in Apartment? The 5 best security products

1.      Smart Doorbell:

It is a new digitalized internet-connected doorbell that alerts the smartphones or other electronic devices of the owner whenever there arrives a visitor at the doorstep.

It gets activated when a person presses the doorbell or when it senses someone at the door. This will help you notice anyone in front of your door and will also increase your chances of preventing a break-in in your apartment.

–          How to use it?

One can install a smart doorbell like a regular doorbell.

It is no different from the regular doorbell just it offers tight security by an internet message service.

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2.      Memory Switch:

A modern-day security gadget, a memory switch, is an excellent security product.

It captures the daily routine of the owner of the house as when they turn on and off the lights, their arrival and leaving time, etc.

It performs their routine when they are not at home, making the passerby think that someone is in the house.

–          How to use it?

Just install it on the ceiling of the apartment that captures all your routines.

Then when you leave the house, it functions.

3.      Deadbolt lock

Back or side doors are favorite entries for clever thieves. Don’t only think of the front door when securing your apartment. Think about the back and side doors. 

With a good deadbolt lock, you are covered when they break in from unexpected corners of your apartment. These locks use encrypted cards that are secure and not easy to copy. 

prevent break-ins in apartment

4.      Install a Peephole

A peephole helps you see the breaker outside the door. The peephole will help you see if they are armed or not. By knowing the danger that looms, you can quickly alert the police. This is the least costly choice of all the options available.

5.      Security Camera:

One of the most efficient security tools nowadays. The product helps you to have an eye on your apartment even when not at home.

Even, you can install the camera with a sound system so that if someone tries to get into your house, the camera will ring the sound, warning you.

– How to use it?

 A person needs to fix the cameras at the ceilings of the apartment on the notified angle.   

NOTE – A security camera will help you get the evidence you will need for a police report and will also increase your chances of preventing break-ins in your apartment or your house.

Security camera to prevent break-ins in apartment
security camera

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Other preventive measures one can prefer to prevent break-ins in apartment:

Apart from the security products, one must also keep these measures in mind.

  • If you find a suspicious person around your apartment, call the police to take help.
  • Whenever you arrive or leave your apartment, always lock the door because a thief can steal things in no meantime.
  • Even if you are traveling to the nearby shops, always lock the doors and the windows.
  • Always check your locks, whether they are working correctly or not. If not, then change them immediately.
  • Always maintain a bond with your neighbors as they can also create a safe environment around your apartment.


One need not investigate or challenge the thief to protect their house. With the help of protective and safe security devices, one can prevent break-ins in the apartment.

The security products are the advanced and digitalized ones that can help to prevent unwanted access to your apartments.

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